The Complete Guide to UX Writing

UX writing is different from generic content writing, copywriting, or content design. The job of a UX designer is to help companies communicate their idea to customers. And they do this by adding interactive designs. However, just the images, graphics, or animations are not enough.

This is where UX writing kicks in. The small button text or brief descriptions you see on websites is UX writing. UX Content writers aim to help the user connect the words and graphics. The entire purpose is to help the visitor understand the product effectively.

Remember that UX writers don’t write any instructions or steps. UX content writers make sure that the product speaks in the language of the user. They use personas to craft microcopy, which is suitable for the audience they want to target. Also, they test what they write to achieve the conversion they desire.

Another important role of a UX content writer is to uphold the brand’s voice. The writer ensures that the content adapts to the voice of the brand and relates to the user. Below, Wondershare Mockitt will lead you to find some common UX writing principles that play an important role in UX designing.

Ux Writing Principles and Examples

You may think it easy to help the user connect with the product using words. But that’s only true if the user has the same thinking as yours. Let’s find some principle and examples and understand everything better: -

UX writing is brief, crisp, and has limited words. So, you need to make sure that it’s clear, concise, and useful. It should be short, convey the result and the problem effectively. Let’s suppose you’re unable to book plane tickets. The generic message is like, “ System error, We can’t book tickets.”

Now, this may be short and concise, but it’s not clear. It’s like what we used to see in the 90s. An attractive or creative UX writing example would be like “ System Error. The seats you requested aren’t available anymore” It’s short, conveys the meaning correctly, and tells what’s wrong.

Now, if you improve it even further, it’ll look something like, “ The seats 114 & 115 aren’t available anymore. You can book other seats.” This one took it to another level. It defines the problem, tells us about the reason, and guides the user on what they can do.

As a UX writer, you’re working on someone’s behalf. So, you need to adapt to the brand voice. Only then your customers will be able to distinguish the brand from others. The second part is the tone. It tells how you want your reader to feel. For example, if the customer has entered the wrong card details, you need to warn him.

And if someone has won a prize, you need to make him feel enthusiastic. This helps the customer get the emotion right.

Let’s say there’s a button that helps in downloading a document labeled as “download.” Another button on the page with the same action should have the same label. Some UX writers use different names like save or put an arrow. But this is a big mistake and creates inconsistency.

You have just a few words when it comes to UX writing. So, keep it simple and easy and avoid any complex terms or jargon.

The Call To Action button has a couple of words. But these words matter. And a wrong choice of words can affect the conversion rates. Instead of using “proceed,” next,” or” submit,” Amazon uses “Proceed to checkout” It helps the user understand clearly what’s the next step.

Use a pattern to place your content over the website. The most common is the F-pattern. The way you arrange should be according to how your users respond. It helps in connecting better.

How to Land a Ux Writer Job

You can start by marketing, copywriting, or UI/UX design; it’s because it’s easy to make a smooth transition once you’re in the industry. To learn UI/UX design, you will need UI/UX design software. However, there are many options available, but if you want a beginner-friendly one, then Mockitt would be a great option. It comes with amazing features, which will make everything easier for you.

Now to get a UX writer job, you have to learn some basic web content writing. There’s no need for professional certification, although it can help. To become a good UX writer, all you need is your users’ knowledge and some basic writing techniques. The more you write & practice, the more you learn. And you can learn that by opting for free courses or books.

Ux Writing Courses

Price — Free

Level — Beginner

This is an impressive course for beginners and is completely online. It helps you with ground rules for creating a consistent, engaging, and microcopy that converts.

Price: $229-$895

Level: beginner to advanced

This course is a paid one but is worth it. It can give you both knowledge and certification. The mentors or teachers are experts from Google, Amazon, and Intuit. So, this course is worth going for.

Price — $39

Level — Beginner

This is yet another good course from the creators of the game Candy Crush. Although it’s available in Spanish, it has English subtitles too. This course teaches how you can learn to design through UX writing.

Price — $3,900

Level — Three years’ experience in copywriting, journalism, or social media

This one is a costly course right here-however, it’s precious. You’ll get to learn how to develop prototypes and integrate voice & tone and a lot more similar things.

Ux Writing Books

Let’s look at some books that can help you learn UX writing.

If you believe in strategies, go for this book right here. It can help you learn to create a cool microcopy with the help of design tools. With this book in your hand, you can learn how to create UI text and voice UIs.

This book is an impressive choice for beginners. It has all the elements that relate to UX writing. You can learn how to integrate voice, create a content design, label Call To Actions and error messages. It’s based on how important retaining a user is.

If you want to learn UX writing in product design, this book can really help. This book shows the importance of content design regarding chatbots and voice UIs. It also lays stress on the point that UX writing is as important as branding and development.

Without interacting with the user, everything in UX design is a sheer waste. And this is what this book focuses on. It brings out the point of interaction with the user. You can learn how you can approach the user and create a conversational connection between the product and the user.

This connection is of paramount importance and can only be made if you interact with your user. And this book will teach you all. You’ll find UX writing principles revolving around conversational design and how you can put them to practice.

What to Include in Your Ux Writing Portfolio

If you’re a UX designer, creating a portfolio can significantly change your career. Almost every employer asks about what you do and what you’ve done so far. Instead of simply telling them about it, you can show it to them using a UX writing portfolio.

The first few projects are pretty hard to gather, but it will slowly happen. So, create a portfolio website and showcase all of your skills there. Show how you can integrate voice and tone in every situation. And you can do this by presenting samples of your work.

If you are experienced, you can also include case studies. Case studies are a detailed description of the project. It includes what the problem was that the client was facing. It includes how and what solution you offered to the client.

In the end, it should include how it turned out for the client. If you can, show the metrics too. It will help your clients understand what changes your decisions brought to your previous employers.

In the end, make sure the portfolio is attractive. No one is expecting your portfolio to outstand a UX designer’s portfolio. But you can try adding some creative elements, animations, easy navigation, eye-catching designs. Remember, the goal is to stick the client to your portfolio and hire you.


Never confuse UX writing with marketing or common content writing. Here the prime goal is to help the user see the product through your eyes or perspective. As a UX content writer, your job is to act as the bridge between the consumer and the product you’re writing about.

Keep in mind that you’re writing for humans. So, it should always sound that way. Design or write in a way that you can interact with the user conversationally. UX writing is a new yet highly important skill that has cool benefits but needs practice in a nutshell.

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We’ve created an ultimate guide for UX beginners, which collected the knowledge, experience, and advice from multiple UXers.

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