Top 5 Creative UI Design Concepts for Every Designer

Top 5 Creative UI Design Concepts

1. Make Users Control the Interface

  • Create Reversible Actions: This means to make a design for users that allows them to track back whatever they are doing. For example, if a user makes an error, they shouldn’t go all the way back to start. In simple words, provide undo supports to reverse anything they want.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Provide an interface that is easy to navigate or accessible. Create step-by-step guidance of the whole process or task to help users navigate the interface without wasting time.
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2. Effortless Interaction with the Product

  • Don’t Force Users to Enter Data: What if some random application asks you to enter the same data multiple times? Surely, you’ll get annoyed. A good user interface requires a minimum volume of user information and provides maximum results.
  • Use Natural Language: If you’re designing a product, make sure to use natural language in your design. Don’t get too techie! In simple words, avoid unconventional words like Roost, Migrate, Fly, etc. these terminologies can confuse the users.
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3. Reduce Psychological Load

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4. Consistency in Design

5. User Expectations


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