If we look at it closely, everything an individual interacts with on a daily basis has its own words and a unique language. The same applies to colors now more than ever because we have started using them to send a message, evoke an emotion, share our feelings, etc.

Similarly, using colors in the UI design is not just an aesthetic exercise. Instead, designers have been using it to define products and enhance the overall user experience driven by the ideal color palette.

Choosing the UI colors for your application, website, landing page, or any other digital product requires some…

Mobile UI designs have been the trend so far in 2021. Since smartphones came in and brought innovation to our daily lives. To be precise, smartphones are one of the best inventions in the 21st century.

We’ve seen some tremendous mobile interfaces over the years. But have you ever wondered how long it takes a graphic designer to make fantastic mobile UI designs? Graphic design is an art more than science. Not everyone can draw fabulous layouts and interfaces without skills and creativity.

It requires hard work, determination, creativity, and self-belief. With all these skills, you also have to be…

An architect has his field of activity mainly in so-called high-rise buildings. That means he plans, for example, residential buildings, commercial buildings, and schools. He not only works on the planning but also on the actual execution and monitoring of the construction plans. This combination of both technical and design aspects shows that architects partly combine characteristics of the engineering profession, but also of the visual arts. His tasks therefore not only include constructing a beautiful house, but also one that is statically and economically flawless.

Data visualization is a visual representation of arrays of various information. Mockitt believes that data visualization turns big and small data into visuals that are easier for the human brain to understand and process. Data visualization is used across all industries: it is an important step in data analytics, enabling companies to critically evaluate information and audience requests.

There are several types of visualization:

1. A common visual representation of quantitative information in a schematic form. This group includes all the well-known pie and line charts, histograms and spectrograms, tables, and various dot plots.

2. The visualized data can be…

Mentors are crucial in any field, but skill sets such as user experience design. It is important to listen to feedback from others when you design something, and UX mentorship is even more important. Mockitt recommends that every UX beginner should find a mentor in this field.

  • UX mentors can help you make actionable comments on the design;
  • UX mentors can help you withdraw from the bubble you are in and see things from the perspective of an external observer or end-user;
  • UX design mentors can inspire you by showing them what they are doing or introducing you to the…

With their emphasis on the user- or person-centered design, human factors can help ensure that health care in the home suits the people, the tasks, and the environments involved and that the care provided is safe, effective, and efficient. According to the International Ergonomics Association, “Human factors is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data, and other methods to design to optimize human well-being and overall system performance” (International Ergonomics Association, 2010).

The Goals of Human Factors

Therefore, human factors are concerned with applying what is known…

Industrial design offers the possibility of giving objects meaning and making them more useful, efficient, and understandable. Industrial design plays an important role in determining the key factor. Mockitt believes that simplicity is one of the most important industrial design principles. It would help if you tried to concentrate on the main aspects and tasks you want to close when working on a new subject. And there is no need to strive to add new details that are far from always useful constantly.

Principles of Good Industrial Design

1. Good design is always innovative design.

It would be best if you did not try to repeat, supplement and change your old ideas…

Mockitt believes that effective infographics are not just a graphical presentation of data and knowledge. It is a separate design branch aimed at illustrating information, considering various aspects and criteria of human perception of information, to ensure effective communication with the target audience.

Information design is a branch of design, the practice of artistic and technical design and presentation of various information, taking into account ergonomics, functionality, psychological criteria for human perception of information, aesthetics of visual forms of information presentation, and some other factors. In information design, traditional and new design principles are applied to transforming complex and unstructured…

Today’s digital world is in a position of steady change. Similarly, as you become accustomed to another plan pattern, another shows up, constraining you to reconsider how you approach every user project. As a UX specialist, it’s dependent upon you to ensure that you have your finger on the beat on the most recent changes in the business. Notwithstanding, it tends to be trying to know without a doubt which patterns you ought to be viewing appropriately and which you can overlook.

In the opinion of Mockitt, one alternative to refine and improve your plan venture is to focus on…

UX (user experience) is designing and improving the interaction between the user and the product. The task is to identify user needs, detect emerging problems resulting from interaction with the interface and search for solutions to eliminate them. The popularity and quality of a software product are determined by the ease of use and the degree of customer satisfaction with it.

If the UX design of the interface is well developed, the navigation is logical and intuitive, and the average user does not even think about its existence, effectively solving his tasks with the help of it. …

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