Mockitt believes that the structure of the website affects the overall website’s performance. You may think and consider the navigation bar is an unnecessary factor, but believe it, it is essential. There is a possibility that you are facing a high bounce rate on your website but don’t know the reason behind it. Well, that’s maybe because of your improper website navigation.

What is Navigation?

Navigation of a website is a simple but underrated factor. The navigation menu or bar is the collection of information or links at the horizontal or top of the website. This factor sounds simple but is crucial.


90% of the world’s population spends their life on the internet. Mockitt would say that the internet has changed our way of thinking and lifestyle. Those who are making their living online must know how important it is to create a UX design. Many factors matter in a UX design, but specifically, here we are discussing the UX color.

Before you jump into the color and contrast of the UX design, read out what is meant by an accessible UX design and why it matters.

What does it mean to design for accessibility?

What is accessibility, and why does it be so important? Accessibility is a practice about…

Starting by its definition, a web form is a form/field where the user enters his/her details to process a request. That is while shopping online, ordering, registration forms, payment transfer, signing up for a course, etc. According to a survey, 74% of companies utilize web forms to attract customers, while 49% of companies declare web forms to be their highest sales promoting tool.

Mockitt notices that web forms play an essential role in designing a seamless website. It encourages effortless communication and thus builds a reliable customer-business relationship. Although forms are a powerful tool to gain user interest, they could…

Things that a UX/UI designer must keep in mind are a perfect design in which the user feels attracted to it. The question is, how would you satisfy the user’s need? The answer is straightforward, bring innovation to your design. This is the only way you can get attention to your innovative design. It’s a fact that users are attracted to those things which they have never used before.

Try to bring something new into your design, taking care of others’ marketing needs. A true innovative designer has the capability to design remarkable user interfaces. …

Having knowledge and keeping it to yourself is easy. However, when it comes to presenting our knowledge in front of others, many of us are compelled to bite our nails. Whether you are a newbie or a professional in your UX career, everyone feels nervous when it comes to speaking to large crowds.

If you are one of those who are preparing to provide a UX presentation and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, then leave it to this guide. You will surely enhance your presentation skills after going through this comprehensive guide produced by Mockitt!

Top 10 Ways to Enhance Your UX Presentations!

Get a load of these…

Designing a UX project can be quite an overwhelming experience when just assigned your first ever project. As a beginner, you’re unaware of many things, so it’s a great idea to inquire few things before the beginning of the project. Asking the right questions can help you gather important information and avoid any confusion in the future. Moreover, it increases the chances of the end product being a total success.

The question of concern here is what UX questions you should ask before starting a new project. …

With the constant shift in technology, the demand for digital media platforms has increased rapidly. Mockitt found that the influence of media installations is limited to the business world and extended to educating, entertaining, publishing, and interacting with prospective customers.

From software, video games, videos, websites, social media, and online advertising, digital media installations have become an integral part of everyday life. By facilitating social interaction, helping to level the business, and aligning the business’s aim to customers, digital media help to flourish and grow in the competitive environment.

Around 3.81 billion are currently available on social media platforms worldwide…

In web designs, links are the most constantly used elements. In fact, it’s the most straightforward way to navigate between web pages without any single command. But how hyperlinks connected with user experience in the website? According to Nielsen report 2010, nearly a user visit 2,646 different pages each day; each page may contain up to 100 hyperlinks or blue links.

Based on the above stats, every month, users run across 27,000 links which are 324,000 hyperlinks a year! Still thinking the hyperlinks are out of the party? This article is all about connections. In this article, Mockitt will lead…

Mockitt founds that, from the era of the manufacturing process led by humans to the one based on automatic machines, there has been a great change in the manufacturing landscape. The use of technology has offered a smooth path that is not only efficient but also friendly.

Generative Design is one such advancement that can even add more value to the manufacturing landscape. The exploration process is a high-performing design alternative; this method can help choose the best fit from multiple options.

A system that helps the engineers create optimal designs from a set of system design requirements and interact…


Navigation is key to ensure that you are moving on the right path. Be it on the road or while accessing a digital platform, proper navigation design ensures that the user can effectively and efficiently move through the website or the mobile application.

Even when we as users are on any technological platform, the inability to find the proper directions or steps to follow not only frustrates but reduces the number of customers accessing the platform. A study suggests that 50% of the visitors look for the navigation menu to orient one and reach the homepage.

The key to creating…

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