10 Good UX Examples Every Beginner Should See

Like in all other expeditions you may engage in life, growing your UX products takes resources and time. Some of the things you need to do include boosting your revenue per user, expand your customer base and reduce customer churn. Before you get involved in UX design, it is good to check some of the top UX examples so that you can get some inspiration from them. There are many top-notch user experience examples you can look at how they are done so that you can also apply some of the techniques and principles to apply in your design. Wondershare Mockitt handpicked the following 10 good UX design examples to illustrate specific principles of good UX Design, from simplicity to gamification.

1. Patagonia’s feedback precision

By doing this, Patagonia interprets the insight in the correct way to help them make the right improvements in the company.

2. Topshop’s talking tactics

3. Google sheets’ multifaceted check-in

4. ClassPass’ well times feedback modals

5. Mountain warehouse’s last chance request

6. Gmail’s concise check-in

7. Customer.io’s in tool NPS survey

8. Quip’s gentle check-in

9. GmodStore’s Trello collaboration

10. Elon Musk’s all-ear approach


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